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Offending content will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be warned and may be banned. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Madrid Start date Sep 30, First Prev 4 of 5 Go to page. So my question is, would my GAMSAT score guarantee me a place in medicine in 2 years or at least, greatly improve my chancesand is it advisable to wait for entry into a med school in my home state which I would prefer?

Or should I grab the UNSW offer if I happen to get it and start undergrad medicine, seeing that post-grad entry is getting more competitive by the day? ManaI'd love to hear your advice in particular! Last edited: Nov 11, Firstly, we should consider what Universities are in your home state, and what those Universities use for entry. However, the trend of scores that would land a place at UQ, and at other postgraduate-entry universities, increases every year as I'm sure you are aware.Domestic applicants for the Doctor of Optometry should check the Optometry Admissions Guide for dates.

Some local variations will be applied.

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If you want to work out your GPA for each of the schools you are applying to, please follow the general guidelines and then apply any local variations for schools in your list of preferences. A GPA calculator is available for use on our application page at www.

GAMSAT is designed to assess the capacity to undertake high level intellectual studies in a demanding course. If you have completed all your tertiary study at one of these universities, you do not need to send a transcript to have your GPA calculated.

If any of your tertiary study was completed at a university not on the ARTS listyou will need to source an original academic transcript from each institution at which you studied.

If you have lived in an Australian rural area, ASGS-RA 2 to 5, for 5 years consecutively or 10 years cumulativelyyou may be eligible for consideration in rural schemes and sub-quotas. You will need to complete the Rurality question in the Application Form and submit supporting documentation. Under this classification system remoteness is updated each census. The most recent classification is the one by which we will assess your rurality.

If you have lived in an ASGS-RA 2 to 5 area for 5 years consecutively or 10 years cumulatively and wish to be considered for rural schemes and sub-quotas, you will need to provide documentary evidence.

Note that the rural residence must have been your primary residence. The professional letters of support and statutory declarations must include the rural address history and time periods.

An online printed invoice will only be acceptable if dated the year it was issued. Note that the supporting documentation must be emailed no later than 5pm your time on Wednesday 17 June GEMSAS is a computer matching system which allocates applicants to offers of interview according to school selection rules and applicant preferences. Applicants can list up to six preferences and can indicate what types of offers they would be prepared to accept. This ranked list is used by schools to make offers of interview.

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All participating medical schools including the University of Queensland conduct interviews. These are either structured interviews or Multi Mini Interviews.

Structured interviews are conducted by a panel of interviewers who ask each applicant the same set of questions and arrive at a single interview score for the applicant. Each station has one or more assessor and involves one question or task. Interview scores for each applicant are standardised to give a score that can be used by other participating schools in the allocations for offers of places.

In practice, applicants will have the best chance of an offer from the school where they were interviewed.

Domestic applicants

GEMSAS is a computer matching system which allocates applicants to offers of medical school places according to school selection rules and applicant preferences. This ranked list is used by schools to make offers of places. An offer of a medical school place will be made to successful applicants in early November The letter of offer will include details about admission and enrolment. Some offers will be conditional.

Generally this means that final academic results are not yet available and the offer is conditional upon the current degree being completed and often will include the maintenance of a specified GPA. Should schools have any vacancies following the date for acceptance of offers, additional offers will be made to selected previously unsuccessful applicants.

Note that should you decline an offer, you will not be eligible to participate in further offer rounds, but may apply again next year. Your letter of offer of a medical school place will include details of what you need to do to accept or decline your offer, and the timeframe in which that must be done.

Your letter of offer of a medical school place will include details of what you need to do to enrol at that university, and the timeframe in which that must be done. If an applicant declines an offer of a place, they will not be considered for another place or receive another offer. Deferral of a place is unlikely. However, some universities permit deferral, particularly to complete an Honours year. An applicant who has been excluded from any university must indicate this when they apply.Often overlooked in the mainstream, dirt track racing is perhaps the most exciting form of automobile racing in North America.

Dirt track racing is done on over 1, tracks throughout the United States. In the s and 30s, dirt track racing became the dominant form of automobile racing in the United States due to the abundance of thoroughbred horse racing tracks.

There have been traditionally two types of racing cars that have dominated dirt track racing: open wheel cars—including sprint cars and modifieds, which are primarily run in the Northeast and Midwest—and stock cars, which are raced in the South.

Longer length tracks tend to be more dangerous due to higher speeds, which increase the chance for injury to drivers and damage to race cars. This is why dirt tracks of one mile or more in length are extremely rare. The most common dirt track surface is clay because it retains moisture more readily, which results in more tacky conditions, allowing the cars to grip the track better and reduce dust. Each race track and sanctioning body maintains specific rules outlining each class of race car, including dimensions, engine size, equipment requirements, and prohibitions.

For the most part, tracks usually coordinate with various other tracks to allow for the widest venue for each type of car. This coordination allows the drivers to compete at many different racetracks, increase competitors' chances of winning, and lets racing associations develop a series of race events that promote fan interest.

There are several forms of dirt track oval race cars, and in this article we will go over each type. The main types of race vehicles that race on dirt are open wheel cars, modified cars, stock cars, and motorcycles. An open wheel car is a type of car with its wheels on the outside of the body and usually consisting of a single seat. Open wheel cars differ from their production based brethren in that their wheels are usually covered by fenders.

Open wheel race cars also tend to have a higher level of technical sophistication with a Formula One race car being at the pinnacle of technological development and refinement. Famous racecar driver and constructor Ray Harroun was an early proponent of lightweight, single seat, open wheel monocoque race cars and began racing them competitively in after a stint working as a mechanic in the automotive industry. Harroun was then tasked with building a race car to compete in the inaugural Indianapolis then know as the International Sweepstakes which he would go on to win.

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Although dirt tracks are sprinkled throughout the United States and Canada the types of cars competing will vary from place to place.

For example, in the South and Southeast stock cars dominate the scene. You will be hard pressed to find any tracks there running sprint cars on a weekly basis. In contrast throughout the Midwest and oddly enough Pennsylvania sprint cars are the most popular form of dirt track racing although you will find a few stock cars here or there.Please ensure your enquiries by email to info gemsas.

ARTS is the Automated Results Transfer System that allows academic results to be retrieved directly from participating university systems. From our point of view we have immediate access to the most recent and validated data and can directly upload it electronically rather than having to manually enter subjects and grades. GEMSAS allows applicants to list up to six medical schools in the order that they would like to be considered for entry.

The Education coversheet will not be generated if no original transcripts are required. Word documents. Scans must be clear, fully legible and includes any notes, codes or logos. Scan each document separately and include both sides front and back if applicable.

If your academic documents have information on both sides even if it is generic information rather than your academic resultsplease ensure that you scan both sides of the document. Transcripts received from the same qualification can be combined into one file. The only digital transcripts we will accept are My eQuals. My eQuals will be accepted provided the PDF is digitally signed by your institution and has the required security features, this includes the certificate key or blue banner verification.

For any other overseas transcript, a digital transcript will not be accepted. We need a scanned copy of your original hardcopy transcript. For Institutions using results these will be included in the assessment for interview if they are available at the time of assessment. If you have any unpaid fees at your university we will not be able to retrieve your results until these have been attended to.

Please do this ASAP. Applicants completing their degree in will only be offered an interview if the GPA at the time of application meets the required level. Such applicants should also note that while decisions on interview offers will be made on the basis of results available at the time of application, final results may be used to determine offers of a place. Coversheets are generated according to your selections and responses.

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You can view the coversheets that you will be required to submit with supporting documentation, but will only be able to access them once you have submitted and paid for your application.So what is it that messes it all up time and time again? Not only is the actual exam completely different each time, but people tend to forget that those who sit it also change.

So why does this matter? This means that each year the scores differ depending on a few factors: the strength of the cohort, the difficulty of the test, and the number of students in each sit.

In Marcha 92nd percentile ranking was good enough for a GAMSAT score of 70, yet just a year later one needed to score in the 95th percentile for a score of ACER does this to ensure scores from the previous 4 years are all equivalent for the one application period. The requirements for each university are always in flux. Not only are the scores and their related rankings always changing, but medical schools often change the amount of places that they offer, too.

Why should we have an idea of how competitive our scores are? Well, apart from satisfying the overwhelming urge to control the process, or to overthink everything, it can also help us guesstimate where we sit amongst the general applicant cohort during the application season.

So what are some of the things to take into account when making our predictions? As mentioned above, there is always the GPA from your undergraduate, your GAMSAT score, the portfolio for 3 of the universitiesthe amount of spots offered for each course, and also the breakdown of how those spots are allocated. What do I mean by spot allocation? If we look at University of Melbourne, their MD will accept students.

Deakin also allows for a variety of bonuses in your application where University of Melbourne does not. Do you think your scores rank competitively? If not, do you think you might be able to slide through with a BMP offer? What about a second round offer? Do you think that the averages will likely go up or down this year?

How would that affect your chances? It might also be necessary to take into account the university ethos! Beyond that they are also very open and amiable about their whole process. The way I see it, this suggests a much more student-oriented medical school that values nurturing over eminence. Alongside UQ, Griffith finds itself as the perennial second-place in Queensland. Due to this, their averages are one of the highest in the country, as they usually get preferenced second by those in Queensland that want to remain in their state, driving demand.

Download table here. What should you take from this piece going forward?Register Today and Hone your Skills! Updated Course Curriculum for Pound for pound, GradReady offers the best value - by far. Find out in detail what's included in packages of each provider and see GradReady's unparalleled value. We consistently reinvest in our internal operational technology to ensure higher efficiency within the GradReady team. These ongoing improvements allow our staff to be more productive every year, allowing us to stand head and shoulder above our competition in the comprehensiveness of tools we offer, response time of study related questions, and effectiveness of our teachings - all the while being the best priced.

See GradReady vs the rest. GradReady has achieved unparalleled results for our student. We are the only provider to have achieved statistically significant improvements for our students.

The most important part of our job is to ensure that we achieve results for our students. We are extremely data driven - using student performance data to fine tune our practice questions, study content, and teaching style. Over time, we have achieved statistically significant and marked improvements for our students every single year - and we continue to improve and innovate every year.

See the results that we have achieved for our students. Experience algorithmic assisted targeted learning. Access tutors and relevant material through a click of a button. Our suite of online tools and data driven approach allow objective and best practices to be applied to every student online - quickly identifying your weakness and pointing you to the most relevant material. See what we offer in our packages.

Using our experience in Education and IT, we founded GradReady as a provider dedicated to providing the most advanced online learning experience and personalised, targeted gamsat prep. To learn more about our student results, visit our Student Testimonials. It is a test required for applications to all but one Graduate Entry Medical course in Australia, as well as various other dentistry, optometry and podiatry courses.

In essence, the exam is designed to assess your analytical and critical thinking skills as well as how you organise and communicate your ideas in order to select candidates for Graduate Entry Medical Studies.

The 1-on-1 focus for the science section was very beneficial. Especially for someone, like myself, who has never done Physics before. That is where the GradReady course differentiates itself from other courses.It's a subreddit where we can discuss study techniques, offer support and feedback, swap exam stories and help motivate one another.

Please don't post copyrighted content and please don't discuss where to source illegal downloads or ripped off versions of copyrighted material. We have to delete all such posts and ban posters. Don't link to content that infringes copyright and don't post defamatory remarks or anything else illegal.

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So for anything you read on this subreddit please remember it's just the opinion of random people on reddit, always make sure and do your own due diligence. No discussing of content of questions around the time of the exam while exam centres in other countries are waiting to sit the exam on the same date. No cheating or discussion about how to cheat in the exam. Any users partaking in such discussion will be banned.

A competitive GAMSAT score

Being Realistic about my GPA self. I am having a bit of a dilemma. I have a completed undergrad with a gpa of 5. I have a long way to go to be well prepared for the test but will do my best.

Is it too much wishful thinking to believe I have a chance of getting in on such a low gpa? Is it too pessimistic to think I need a whole other degree to get in? I would move to UQ or anywhere that accepted mewill be applying to portfolio universities and am not a rural student.

What do ya reckon? Guess I'm just looking for general advice or other people's experience in this area. Can you maybe do an honours year or something? Good luck. If they are someone who interviews very very well, then yes, it is helpful given it is weighted 2x their GPA, however, I disagree that it would increase their chances. The second person has to interview quite a bit better than the first person to compensate for his poor GPA.

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