That had me gripped from start to finish.

The Curse Of Poverty - Poem by ramesh rai

A wonderfully written story but with a sadly believable ending. Maggie x Nuts in May. This is so powerful, Maria and so well written.

I've been back to read it twice xx. Ramana, Maggie May and Teresa, thank you so much for appreciating my story. Although the characters, names and dialogue are fictional, the story is not. Just a week ago, a four year old girl was kidnapped from beside her mother as she slept on the pavement here in Lucknow.

Her battered body was found next morning. A disgruntled relative is thought to be the culprit. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this, I've been praying for that poor woman and her children. Writing this story has been a way of getting it out of my system.

This incident took place not a mile away from where I live. I was drawn into your post from the beginning, Maria. It's well written and very interesting. My thoughts are with the mother. I hope someone has come forward to offer her help and comfort. That makes it even more poignant, Maria. My thoughts are with that poor mother xx. That's so sad, Maria - both the truth and your story.

Breaking the Spirit of Poverty (Part 1)

It's easy to think we're hard up when we have less cash than we'd like, but if we have a safe place to live and food to eat we are better off than many. Fantastic writing, Maria, had me on the edge of my seat, and I really felt an empathy with each character unlike me, i usually only feel for the "goodie". I'm so sad to read your comment that this happened close to your home. Hope somebody will help that poor woman, and that some good will come out of it.

the curse of poverty analysis

Dear Maria, This was a touching story, and I would like to use it in a session to promote empathy among medical students. Please indicate if I may do so.

Thanks in advance. Best regards, Dr. Post a Comment Thanks for visiting me.Noah is mixed-race, with a white father Robert and a black Xhosa mother Patriciamaking his very existence a violation of the apartheid laws against interracial sex. With his single mother, Noah suffers a kind of poverty by design: the apartheid laws are designed to ensure that nonwhites remain too poor and resourceless to fight the government.

But the end of apartheid does not end this poverty or inequality; rather, it leaves lasting wounds, especially in the native African communities that remain stuck in a world circumscribed by violence, poverty, and suspicion. The apartheid government under which Noah is born does everything in its power to systematically repress and disempower nonwhites, forcing them to constantly live under siege.

Apartheid is a uniquely cruel system that combines the three stages of American racism—segregation, forced displacement, and slavery—into one. Apartheid also ensures that older black people are uneducated—the government prevents them from learning anything beyond how to count and work on farms, and they are not allowed to learn languages besides their mother tongue.

This means that they cannot find jobs or form coalitions with natives from other groups even under democracy. During his year after high school selling pirated CDs and secondhand goods in the crowded slum of Alexandriahe realizes that nobody can afford to leave the neighborhood, even though they are technically still no longer forced by the government to live there. In the poverty-stricken slum of Alexandra, the lines between crime and lawful living are blurred; the people Noah knows are in and out of prison all the time, and the police routinely harass him and his friends just because of where they are from and what they look like, at one point destroying the DJ equipment that is the core of their business operation.

Ultimately, after shooting her in the head with the intent to kill her and the whole familyAbel turns himself in and gets off without spending a single day in jail.

Beyond showing the lasting effects of apartheid, he shows how South Africa can serve as a case study for understanding the way that governments cultivate misery among segments of their populations deemed enemies to the interests of those in power, and how this often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, ensuring that poverty and violence become ways of life in those communities. The genius of apartheid was convincing people who were the overwhelming majority to turn on each other.

Apart hate, is what it was. You separate people into groups and make them hate one another so you can run them all. Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other Born a Crime quote. The triumph of democracy over apartheid is sometimes called the Bloodless Revolution.

It is called that because very little white blood was spilled. Black blood ran in the streets. As the apartheid regime fell, we knew that the black man was now going to rule. The question was, which black man? In any society built on institutionalized racism, race-mixing doesn't merely challenge the system as unjust, it reveals the system as unsustainable and incoherent. Race-mixing proves that races can mix—and in a lot of cases, want to mix.

Because a mixed person embodies that rebuke to the logic of the system, race-mixing becomes a crime worse than treason. There is something magical about Soweto. Yes, it was a prison designed by our oppressors, but it also gave us a sense of self-determination and control. Soweto was ours. It had an aspirational quality that you don't find elsewhere.

the curse of poverty analysis

In America the dream is to make it out of the ghetto. In Soweto, because there was no leaving the ghetto, the dream was to transform the ghetto. For the million people who lived in Soweto, there were no stores, no bars, no restaurants. There were no paved roads, minimal electricity, inadequate sewerage. But when you put one million people together in one place, they find a way to make a life for themselves.Great summary! It was really straight and clear. No excessive wording at all.

As part of the structure of George's speech, he strategically placed his "call-to-action" as the last paragraph of his speech. The rest of the passage was an explanation of the cause of poverty and who it effects in order to entice his audience. Henry George makes a good point, though, about over-production. There's an abundance of clothing yet beggers still living in rags, there's "so much coal Of course those paid-workers producing these products need their money to sustain their life but is it necessary to waste ingredients provided to us from the earth?

Also, the wealthy are competing for elements that are sustained by the earth because these elements, "from which all wealth must be drawn, and upon which all must live, [earn] the power of living without work".

I also, don't find this argument very convincing but for different reasons. I agreed completely with his reasoning and explanations.

However, I don't believe his plan to divide the income of the land is fair. Those land owners worked to gain their position as land owners. They worked harder then others living on the land. Therefore, they should earn their reward for putting in effort and labor.

Really great TA Jasmine! For starters, I love Henry George's writing. I was captivated by his writing from the first paragraph. This was so important because it was at a time where Americans feared their nation was becoming a plutocracy.

George's book supplied them with a reasonable alternative to the rich ruled society. I also completely agree with you about emotion being drawn in. His statement, "the dangerous man is not the man who tries to excite discontent; the dangerous man is the man who says that all is as it ought to be," is possibly my favorite that we have read so far.

It is just so inspiring! His writing style is so convincing and is a call to action to all Americans that would instantly have me convinced. If I were in the shoes of an American inI would've found his book very convincing. He says, "was a greater absurdity every uttered?

I would want nothing to do with the cluelessness that George talks about and would encourage a reform. He was a very clever writer. However, like you Toshie, I would not have faith in his dividing land idea. If I were a worker in theI would be all for the plan.

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But if I were a landowner, I would be furious at the idea of people taking away my hard earned land.There is not a lot of colourful Metaphor A metaphor is one of the most common figures of speech that is used to describe an object, person, situation or action in a creative way that The poem, which can be read in full herepresents itself in a single stanza which contains sixteen lines.

All of the lines have a similar length and vary between 7 and 10 syllables. The poem is fairly sombre in its Tone Tone tells us how the writer feels about the text, at least to an extent. All forms of writing, aside from the academic and journalists are That is entirely unsurprisingly given the content of the poem. She heralds these people by pointing out their sincerity. The comparison with angels is nice as it creates an image of the poor being heavenly. The narrator refers to their hearts being scarred.

Obviously this is a metaphor. The heart is the organ we associate with love and compassion. In line 3, we see the aforementioned rhetoric. The narrator invites the reader to question whether the destiny of those in poverty was just the cruelty of a random universe. Or if it was a case that their situation arose because of our greed.

The Curse Of Poverty

This causes a reader to question their own morals. A typical reader might ask themselves. They are saying that we are often asked this question but yet it remains unanswered.

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They have in effect answered the previous question on our behalf. Clearly the narrator has a dichotomy of ideas. They have hinted that poverty is our fault the our being society, but represented by the reader but here is the suggestion they are born into it. I think the narrator shows an air of their own uncertainty.

the curse of poverty analysis

Opportunity is a very interesting choice of word. Some in modern society say that the main differences between those that end up wealthy and those that live in poverty is opportunity. Modern wisdom dictates that those who are born into wealthy families are presented with more opportunities to be successful. And some people in extreme poverty are offered very few opportunities or maybe even none at all. In this line the narrator emphasises the hurt felt by those in poverty this is to help the reader sympathise with their plight.

The word shattered at the beginning of this line is particularly powerful. It really does evoke an air of fragility.Poverty Poverty is a curse for human society Poverty prevails there where the injustice is Poverty exclaims there where the illiteracy is Poverty is purely man made So it has to be eradicated from its root The society afflicted with poverty Is reprehension of entire human society Corruption is the source of poverty Only a fearless society can be said Free from all poverty Where the people are dumb and discounted Poverty exists there Poverty shows, how many immature person Rule the country Poverty is the reason for all philosophical end.

Poverty by Marinela Reka

Your poem is brief and precise and it covers all the dimensions of poverty Report Reply. The causes of poverty are many and various. Your poem tries to cover all bases.

the curse of poverty analysis

Apart, from monetary poverty there are other kinds. For example, impoverished minds. Thank you for your praiseworthy comments on Refugees. Report Reply. I agree. This is sad, powerful and worthwhile words.

Lovely I give it a I like this poem I love this poem! Great theme, truth spoken, it makes us think! Poverty is purely man made yes indeed. SadIy, guess as long as we will have richness we may also have poverty. Maybe one day both words will be replaced by Enough for every living being on earth. And I mean not only humans Could we imagine the humans saying I have enough while thinking of other livings and nature's needs?

Great Inspiration for my slam poetry Not gonna pass it on as my own or copy tho Report Reply. I really love how you tell it. I am happy to give you a big 10 Report Reply. Poverty is the theme of this poetry. Very good poem. Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay Report Reply. Hi I need some help and ideas for my poem about love Report Reply. I really want some help in a work I am doing and it needs a decent poem so if any of you guys know anything, am here!

I want some facts on poverty and poems or songs thanks. Poverty is an infectious disease in society Cliches and platitudes about a serious, enduring existential problem among humans. This poem does little more than state the obvious without deeper insights into the problem. Nothing risky, nothing thought provoking, nothing new to see here.

Move along. And, yes, I'm fully aware that I'm likely to get a bunch of thumbs down on my post for not recognizing the seriousness of poverty. Who doesn't recognize the seriousness of poverty? The corrupt? Bah, that's why they're corrupt, to insure they don't fall into that miserable condition.

The problem is the poem itself and it's lack of depth that I'm addressing, not the serious topic of the poem poverty which deserves a much more rich and nuanced approach than this poem is capable of.

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